Such a large-scale renovation "The house in which the artist IK Aivazovsky lived" has not existed for a long time

FEODOSIA, March 12 - RIA Novosti Crimea, Galina Oleneva. Feodosia Art Gallery named after I.K. Aivazovsky is closed in connection with the start of work on the preservation of the object. As Tatiana Gaiduk, director of the gallery, told RIA Novosti Crimea, the last day of the museum institution will be March 15, then the doors of the Feodosia house of the world famous marine painter will be closed for visitors for at least a year.

Previously, it was assumed that the gallery would not be completely closed for the period of repair and restoration work, the exposition was planned to be moved as the repairs were carried out, which should take place in three stages. Now a new decision has been made.

"The gallery will be closed for the period of restoration. From March 16, the main building will be closed to the public and we will begin moving the exposition. Under the current contract, repair and restoration work in two gallery buildings should be completed by the end of 2022. And contractors say that work in the main building will take about a year. Then we will need to reassemble the exposition. It is very troublesome and difficult. I think we are closing for more than a year, "said the director of the gallery.

According to her, by this time the contractor had already entered the facility. Construction and installation work has started in the courtyard of the gallery, since here, on the site of the former carriage shed, a building will be erected - a storage facility.

"In this part, the storage facility will be one-story and its memorial appearance will be restored, but everything will be equipped with the last word. The second part of the storage facility will appear on the site of the neighboring building, where we now have alarm panels. Therefore, we first need to resettle the security and firefighters. In this connection, a building for a fire post is being constructed in the courtyard, on the site of one of the service premises, "says Tatiana Gaiduk.

Full-scale internal work will start after April 1 - until that moment, a large and very difficult work will have to be done to evacuate funds from the main building to the second building.

"We are evacuating absolutely all parts of our collection until it is all accommodated in the second building - painting, memorial furniture, arts and crafts, and so on. In order to arrange all this and store it correctly, we are now carrying out preparatory work, assembling racks, doing rearrangement, re-exposure in the halls. This is also a very large labor-intensive process. To move all the main works of Aivazovsky, we invited our colleagues from the Saratov Art Museum. They are quite experienced specialists and will help us to carry out all this movement ", - explained the director of the museum institution.

She stressed that at each of the stages, mandatory maintenance and documentation is carried out, which guarantees the safety of the collection.

As the RIA Novosti Crimea website reported earlier, the contract for the preservation of the cultural heritage site of federal significance "The House where the artist I.K. ... The contract amount is 589.9 million rubles, the deadline for its execution is August 31, 2022. The work is being carried out within the framework of the Federal Target Program for the Development of Crimea and Sevastopol.

The collection of museum items of the gallery has about 14 thousand exhibits, of which 9940 belong to the main fund of the museum and are included in the non-state part of the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation, and about 4 thousand items belong to the scientific auxiliary fund, including 10 large-sized original paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky ...

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